What is fancy yarn-dyed fabric

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Since the fancy yarn came out, it has been very popular among consumers. For example, slub yarn products have the characteristics of good air permeability, rough hand feeling, unique fancy effect and simulated natural unevenness, and have been selling well in the domestic market since 1985. It was applied to decorative cloth from the beginning. Such as wallpaper, curtains, tea towels, handkerchiefs, etc. gradually turn to various clothing fabrics. The main clothing fabrics are woolen fabrics, which are generally medium-thick products. According to an article by Zhu Bihong from Guangdong Textile Vocational and Technical College, a thin and light slub fabric was drawn up. Because the theme of this design is colored fabrics, and the light and thin plain weave small jacquard fabrics are favored by foreign merchants in the world, the design this time is: light and thin plain weave small jacquard slub thread fabrics.

Warping process

(1) Equipment: G121B-160 Sectional Warping Machine

From Table 4-3 on page 145 of the "Cotton Handbook", the capacity of creels is 800 (10 layers × 80). According to the "Textile Technology Design and Calculation", the production efficiency is 50% and the planned pavilion rate is 4%.

(2) Process parameters:

According to Table 5-6 on page 199 of "Textile Technology Design and Calculation", the warping speed above 14.5tex is 200~250m/min, which is 220m/min.