Tips for color matching of textile fabrics

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White, blue, and beige are the three commonly used colors on clothing fabrics, so let's talk about the matching skills of these three colors below.

1. The principle of matching white:

White can be matched with any color, but it takes a lot of thought to match it smartly.

The red and white match is a bold combination. Wearing a white T-shirt on the top and a narrow red skirt on the bottom, she looks enthusiastic and full of personality.

2. The blue matching principle:

Among all colors, blue clothing is the easiest to match with other colors. Whether it is similar to black blue or dark blue, textile fabrics are relatively easy to match. Moreover, blue has the effect of shrinking the figure and is very attractive.

Blue and red make people look charming and pretty, but you should pay attention to the proper ratio of blue to red.

3. Beige matching principle:

It's not difficult to wear beige with a rigorous taste. A light beige high-neck short-sleeved sweater, paired with a pair of black exquisite trousers, and shiny black pointed mid-heel shoes, set off the professional feeling of a professional woman just right. If you want a capable and powerful feeling, then choose a black striped exquisite suit skirt, coupled with a beige high-end handbag, which is both competent and feminine.

Many MMs like to watch Korean dramas. The urban fashion in the drama is a hundred times more exciting than the simple and similar plot and the slow rhythm of the plot. Seeing more, I can summarize some of the characteristics of Korean girls' dressing: subtle and elegant, bright but not dazzling. Among the soft or warm colors, beige is the color commonly used by fashion girls. In the current fashion, beige has become a popular color in the workplace because of its simplicity and intellectual beauty.

Reasonable color matching will add luster to you, on the contrary, poor matching will greatly reduce points. So no matter what kind of fabric the clothes are, you must pay attention to the overall effect of the match, and don't just put on your body casually.